Mission #20


OPA 2nd Annual Rescue Ride Fundraiser & Flight for Life

Pilots Mikie Weimert & Chris Elliot

Handlers Dale Richardson & Neely Crist

60 pups

It has been a spectacular morning! OPA Fosters, Volunteers and 60 foster pups were on the road early today to board their flight for life to Colorado & begin their Happily Ever After Lives !
Once again thank you to all who make this possible – word can not express our gratitude for all you do for these innocent animals. Thank you to our partner Rescues in Colorado – these babies are forever grateful to you for a second chance at life. Not only are you receiving some cool pups you are getting a little piece of our hearts and Texas. Thank you to all the motor cyclers who signed up to ride for a BEAUTIFUL cause today. Next year we will be bigger and more awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYONE INVOLVED. Way to Go OPA – a job well done!
See you at the after party!!