Mission 19  Squirt

Texas to Ohio

Pilots/Handlers: Mike Weimert & Howard Turek

This little girl was an owner surrender in south Houston Texas, because she snapped at someone. Well I have to say, sometimes I snap at people too so does it mean I should be given a death sentence?
Dogs have off days just like people and more often then not, the dogs are put into situations where the outcome is not going to be good – and who pays the ultimate price – the dog with it’s life!
Well thankfully for this little girl, a rescue out of Ohio stepped up and wanted to give her a second chance.  There was a scheduled business flight heading to Michigan and Squirt
was given a lift up to Ohio to a wonderful foster family.  With a little patience, time and understanding, I know she will flourish into a great companion for a lucky family.
As of today, March 2, 2016 Squirt is doing great according to her loving foster mom! Great Job Squirt – keep up the great work!
Glad we could get you to where you needed to be!