Mission 17
January 24, 2016
Pilots Mike Weimert   Howard Turek
Handlers: Kim Posey & Haleigh Turek, 
Texas to New Hampshire
Hank’s Flights were up early this morning getting everything all set to make a Flight for Life for Operation Pets Alive. It was a chilly 33 degree morning at General Aviation here in Texas as Hank’s Flights began to load 43+ dogs to head to New Hampshire to begin a wonderful new chapter of their lives. OPA and it’s team of wonderful dedicated fosters braved the cold to send these fur babies off to find their new loving forever homes in the Northeast. The animal shelters are receiving these 43+ dogs today and will be available for adoption- and I must say this group of puppies/dogs are the cutest fur babies.
A huge thank you, thank you, thank you to the all the fosters who give their time, love and homes to these shelter animals who only ask for a loving furever family  of their own- you really do make their dreams come true!
Without you this would not happen for these puppies/dogs-so again thank you !!!
If your looking for a way to help rescue animals consider opening your heart and home up and foster animal today for a local rescue/shelter. Contact your local Operation Pets Alive or local rescue near you today – you can help end the fight against homeless animals !