Mission Number 14
Luna, Bowie and 9 Puppies

Dallas, TX to White River, VT
Pilots: Mike Wiemert and Howard Turek
Handlers: Leslie Hope, Kristi Turek
Other passengers: George Turek & Linda Turek

The journey to their furever home started on July 8th, 2015 when Snowflakes, a Great Pyrenees, was several minutes from being put to her death. Sadly, this was to be Snowflakes fate when her owner walked through the doors of a Dallas area shelter that same day and surrendered her in July. Several rescue volunteers worked feverishly to save her life and they managed to pull this stunning white Great Pyrenees and her 10 unborn puppies, literally from the jaws of death. For just a couple hours earlier that day, Snowflakes was on what was to be her last walk.

Jessica, who works with White River Rescue located in VT, was speaking to her friend Leslie about this ordeal. Leslie lives in Dallas and fosters dogs. Jessica told Leslie the dog was, by a miracle, pulled and tagged by White River Rescue. Jessica said they were not sure if she was pregnant but they had a transport for her in 3 days but no one to foster the dog. Leslie told Jessica she would foster the dog for those 3 days but one of the conditions was the name “Snowflakes” had to go – she had to be renamed. Leslie dashed to the shelter and picked up the dog and immediately took her to her vet for a checkup. While trying to decide upon a name for her, the X-rays confirmed she was indeed pregnant. Leslie and one of the vet techs came up with Luna, and Leslie knew immediately the puppies would be named after the constellations.

Luna and Leslie headed to her temporary home to wait for the day of her transport. The evening of July 10th, one day before she was to be transported to Vermont, while sitting out on their back patio, Leslie’s husband Darryl noticed Luna looking at her hind end and something was hanging from it, he turned and said to Leslie “what is that”? Leslie immediately jumped up and at 10:10pm the first puppy was born.  For the next several hours Leslie assisted Luna with the birth of her beautiful puppies. The last puppy was born on July 11th around 7am. Luna was exhausted, as was Leslie, and the puppies were not in the best of shape, something Leslie had feared. Sadly, one puppy did not make it but the other 9 did and for the next few weeks Leslie doctored these puppies around the clock. Leslie was persistent with their care and that for Luna. Four weeks later the puppies had turned the corner and began to flourish! Leslie began to explore the best way to get Luna and her 9 puppies to VT.

Ground transport is not really advisable for such young puppies so Leslie placed a request on “Pilots and Paws” website for a flight transport. As a last resort Leslie was looking at the possibility of having to drive them herself on a 26 hours trip to VT.

While Leslie was speaking with a friend of hers, who works with Mountain Pet Rescue in Colorado, Leslie was reminded of a flight Leslie had previously placed one of her foster dog on months earlier. Leslie contacted Hank’s Flights to see if by chance we had any flights going up to the Northeast. As divine intervention would have it – we did, God puts people in your life at the right time and place! After our initial contact Leslie found out that the father of Luna’s puppies was in a foster home and that White River Rescue had tagged him to come to VT as well. Leslie contacted the foster and a meeting was set up for Luna and the puppies to meet the father, Bowie. Leslie asked us if it was possible for the entire family to go to their new home, and you know what our answer was YES!

So on Friday August 28, 2015, Leslie got up at 3:00AM and drove Luna, Bowie and their 9 beautiful puppies to Lone Star Executive Airport in Conroe Texas. We left Conroe and arrived in VT at 1:20PM. We were greeted with a mob of people with happy tears and hugs! It was a wonderful exciting day for everyone including Luna, Bowie and puppies. We look forward to many updates from all the wonderful families who adopt these great dogs and wish them many years of happiness. Thank you to everyone involved in saving this family and providing supplies to Luna and her puppies. You did great and wonderful work and should be very proud that we saved this entire family. I know every time I look up at the stars and see a constellation, I will think of Luna, Bowie and their beautiful puppies.