Pilots: Howard Turek, Paul Olechowski

Handler: Kristi Turek

These 8 tiny puppies were born under a house in a not so great neighborhood. A Bluebelle Rescue group managed to pull these little sweet hearts giving them a chance to grow up to be great dogs. The rescue group has been trying to get the mother but has not had any luck. Their partnering rescue “2 Blondes All Breed Rescue,” in Colorado immediately stepped up to foster these 8 pups and to help them find a loving home. A request was placed on the Pilots N Paws forum where we picked up the request to move these little bundles of joy. On July 23, 2015 they were flown to Colorado to their temporary foster and to where they will be adopted out to some very lucky families and their furever homes!

In honor of their Flight for Life they were named as follows (with the exception of 2 who were named by a Matt, a Military Veteran who was on the flight with them out to Colorado)

Without further ado —

Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Melanie, Reggie, Bravo, Victor