VAC Mission in conjunction with Pilots for Paws
July 7th to July 12th, 2015
VES Crew – Howard Turek, Craig Hutain
Handler:    Laurie Hutain

Devon a 4 year old yellow lab was found along a road, left for dead. Picked up by animal control and placed in the Fort Bend County animal shelter. It did not take long for word to get out about a terribly injured beautiful yellow lab. The Houston area Save A Lab and Saving Our Companion Animals came together to get Devon the care she needed to have a second chance at a life she so deserved. It was determined Devon had been dragged by a car and shot in her shoulder.

After her surgeries Devon was placed in a Save A Lab foster home to recover and to continue her rechecks with the vet, through this entire process Devon’s sweet loving nature shined through.

A woman, in Atlanta GA who supports Save A Lab fell in love with Devon immediately when she saw her on their social media page. She watched Devon’s story unfold and decided she was going to give this girl the safe loving home she deserved. A request for transport was placed onto the Pilots N Paw board. When we have trips scheduled, we take a look at the transport request boards to see if we can make something work with our flight plans. When we looked for our coming trip we found Devon’s request and contacted Save A Lab to let them know  we would be more then honored and happy to help get this beautiful girl over to her furever home in Atlanta.



On July 7th Devon was flown HOME!

It was a absolutely wonderful day, Devon made a few new friends – 1 being a service dog named Beanz!

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You can check out Beanz Facebook page at You Don’t Know Beanz (cause)