Kaylee Coo

Pilots: Howard Turek, Mike Weimert

Handler: Kristi Turek, Carla Marcus

Kaylee Coo was a little stray dog picked up by a local Texas shelter. She was placed on petfinder for adoption by the local shelter. A woman in Wisconsin, Dawn, saw Kaylee Coo’s  picture and fell in love with her. Dawn knew from the moment she saw Kaylee Coo that she would be a perfect fit to her family. Dawn called the shelter to find out about Kaylee Coo and how to adopt her, but the shelter told Dawn Kaylee Coo had been pulled by a Rescue. Heartbroken, but still determined, Dawn asked the shelter to contact the Rescue and give them her contact information letting them know she wanted to adopt Kaylee Coo.   A few days later Texas Star Rescue contacted Dawn about Kaylee Coo and Kaylee Coo’s adoption was completed.  A request was then placed on Pilots N Paw for a ride for Kaylee Coo’s to go home to her loving forever family! We responded that we could get Kaylee Coo as far as Michigan, which was just fine by Dawn and her husband Abe.  Abe drove to Ypsilanti Michigan from Wisconsin to meet us and pick up Kaylee Coo.

We flew Kaylee Coo to her forever family in November 2014. We received a recent update from Dawn – Kaylee Coo is doing great and loves her new life and loves the snow!