Mission 34

March 11, 2017

Houston K-911 Rescue (Texas) to Paddy’s Paws Rescue (Wisconsin)

Pilots Mike Weimert & Toby Knocke

Handlers: Katie Wing & Polly Wark

32 Dogs

I believe in miracles – do you?

Hank’s Flights had a group of special passengers on board today. Passengers who had guardian angels intervene in their lives at just the right time. These special passengers came into the loving hands of Houston K-911, either broken, sick or hardly alive. Others, who by the grace of God, had avoided being run over by traffic as they suffocated in the sealed box on the side of the road.

Houston K-911 Rescue, Paddy’s Paws and Lost Pawses are nothing short of a miracle for these innocent animals, giving them the second chance to have their Happily Furever Afters! We are so proud to work by the sides of such wonderful fosters and volunteers of these rescues. Thank you to everyone involved today – YOUR WORK IS TRULY A MIRACLE AND YOU SHOULD BE SO PROUD !!

Remember every little bit of help is appreciated and valued, get involved with a rescue in your area – an make a difference in a shelter animals life !