Mission 32

Texas to Michigan

Pilots: Mike Weimert & Howard Turek
Handlers: George Turek & Kristi Turek

Have the pleasure of doing a PNP transport from Texas to Michigan today. Wonderful sweet Blondie! Blondie found herself left abandoned in a shelter by her family. PUPS (Prevent Unwanted Pets) stepped up and placed Blondie into a foster home until she was adopted. Sarah H. in Ohio came across Blondie on Petfinder and was approved to adopt her. Now came the hard part – getting Blondie up to Sarah. Cynthia, who was Blondie’s foster mom placed a transport request on Pilots and Paws website. With a business trip going up to Michigan, Mr. T knew what had to be done and contacted Sarah and Cynthia and made this transport request happen! Blondie was a peach from the get go–the family that abandoned her, sure lost a wonderful dog! Sarah H. who adopted Blondie is going to have spectacular dog. It is a really wonderful feeling to be able to help these animals get to their furever homes.