Maggie & Flaco

Pilots: Howard Turek, Mike Weimert

Handlers: Kristi Turek, Linda Turek, SPIKE the Percussionist, Carla Marcus, Marcia Udin, Debbie Meares

Maggie and Falco are English King German Shepherds abandoned by their owner and were not in the best of health conditions. These two beautiful shepherds ended up at a Rescue in Austin Texas, where they were given immediate medical attention. Being siblings, and raise together, it was difficult for the Rescue to find a home willing to take both dogs.  A loving couple in Michigan saw Maggie and Falco while visiting Austin and wanted to adopt both of the dogs but did not want to put them through the stress of going on a commercial flight. A request was placed on Pilots N Paws asking for a ride for these two dogs to get up to Michigan.  Hank’s Flights had a flight going to Michigan and contacted the Rescue in Austin and made the arrangements to pick these two beautiful dogs up and deliver them to their new forever home. Falco and Maggie were angles on the flight and the love shown between the two was just so touching. They arrived in Michigan October 27, 2014. Recent updates from their family – they are thriving and loving the Michigan weather!