Mission 30

Houston K911 Rescue to Wisconsin

Pilots: Mike Weimert & David Turk

Handlers: Katie & Josh Wing

“Yes, Virginia there really is a Santa Paws!”

December 10, 2016 was a chilly morning in Houston Texas.  Houston K911 Rescue and their partner rescue in Wisconsin, Paddy’s Paws were up early preparing 37 pups for a flight that would furever change their lives for the better and begin their Happily Ever Afters !  Waiting for these 37 bundles of joy, were their furever families in Wisconsin. These 37 pups were once neglected, abandoned and left to die alone on the streets of Houston, Texas but not if Houston K911 and Paddy’s Paws had anything to do with it. These rescues work around the clock saving countless homeless animals, left on the streets of Houston to fend for themselves and more than likely to die cold & alone.  This group of pups were fostered for a short time and prepared to make the flight to Wisconsin where 35+ wonderful families opened up their hearts and homes to this group of Christmas presents that Santa Paws delivered! Best Christmas Ever!!

Again we cannot thank the rescues, fosters and volunteers enough for the untiring work they do for these homeless animals.

May each and every one you and your families have a Happy Yule and a very Happy New Year.

Blessings to all!