Mission 26

September 16, 2016

Pilots Howard Turek & Mike Weimert

Handler: Mike Marini

Houston K911 – Sophia

Houston has a problem with stray animals but the odd are really stacked against any dog that is a pit-bull or labeled a pitty mix. With all the negative press these dogs get through no fault of their own, their fate is not a very favorable one when they end up in a Texas Animal Shelter.

Sophia was found in January of 2016 wandering the streets of Houston after a call came into to Houston K911. As luck would have it, Houston K911 found Sophia and her friend before the animal control did. Both dogs were taken into the Houston K911 Rescue, both dogs found a safe haven and a chance at having a life all dogs deserve. The lab went to a lab rescue who stepped up once these dogs were picked up. Sophia (pit bull) was fostered for a short period. With the difficulties of being a labeled a bully breed and no immediate adopters for this girl the next step was long term boarding and networking this girl.  Sophia, as any dog, just wants to be loved and to give love. Sophia needed more time to find that right fit so she was moved into boarding facility to keep her socialized, health & happy. After reaching out to several rescues a pit rescue in North Carolina was contacted to see if they could help Sophia find her furever family and they stepped up and said YES! So today, Sophia boarded Hanks Flights and we were delighted to be able to give this beautiful girl a lift to the beginning of her Happily Furever After! Great things are coming your way Sophia you have been so very patient and it will have been worth the wait ! Hugs and kisses beautiful girl! We enjoyed meeting you and treating you like the princess you are. One very lucky family is going to adopt one very incredible dog! We look forward to hearing from you Sophia, when you arrive HOME!