a letter from Mission 6

Hi Linda,

Such a joy talking with you and hearing about Moose’s new life. He is so very lucky living the high life! As for his old life, here are the (few) details I know of his history, as well as the names/contacts of the amazing village of volunteers involved in getting him to Colorado to start his new life as a McCoy. :-) I am glad you asked about this process, because by putting it on paper I will be reminded of the amazing effort all of these incredible people made. Here goes …

My rescue partner Kelly Layton was visiting us in TX, touring the area and seeing how horrible conditions are for canines. While visiting Pee Wee’s Pet Sanctuary in Corpus Christi, TX. www.peeweespets.com on Thanksgiving Day 2014, Kelly met Moose. He was being housed outdoors with over 700 other animals. Moose did not have a name, so we initially called him “Marmaduke”. (We eventually re-named him “Moose” since Marmaduke made him sound too gigantic.)

We were told by Peewee’s owner, Ernie Cochran, that Marmaduke was returned because a senior man thought he was too much dog to handle. Even with over 700 animals, Ernie was initially cautious about giving up one of her dogs to us. (I know she would be thrilled to hear/see that Moose has a wonderful new life. It would also open the door for more rescues to be made from this sanctuary.)

Back to the story …
Kelly loved Moose so much, she insisted she would not leave Texas without him. She knew he needed a chance at a better life, and we knew he wouldn’t have that chance at PeeWee’s in Corpus. We asked Ernie for permission to take “Marmaduke”, and she agreed. Just so happened we had another dog leaving from Houston just a few days later, and we contacted the transport for approval to get Moose on board. He was approved. Thank you, Kristi Turek!

We pulled Moose out of Peewee’s on Nov 27, 2014 (see photo), got him cleaned up, and prepped him for travel. On Nov 28, Kelly drove him 4 hours to Houston – stuffed in a sedan with 3 people and another rescue dog named Sandy. It was quite a site!

Once in Houston, an amazing volunteer Kristi Turek met Kelly at an off-ramp near Bush airport so Moose could be transferred to his overnight foster’s house. Kristi volunteers for the pilotsnpaws.org program and her husband Howard is the pilot of the jet that flew Moose to Colorado. Howard’s brother & sister-in-law George & Linda Turek actually own the plane and they, along with Kristi & Howard are enthusiastic volunteers and supporters of the rescue effort to get dogs to Colorado.

Kristi connected with another volunteer, Danielle Bone who fostered Moose overnight. On Saturday, Nov 29, Danielle delivered Moose to another foster Robin Gonzales, who served as his overnight provider Saturday night. The next morning, November 30, Robin brought Moose to the airport. The attached photo of Moose just before he boarded the Turek’s jet was sent by Kristi to reassure us he made it! (The man in the blue shirt is the pilot.)

The morning of November 30, Moose departed from Lone Star Executive Airport in Conroe, TX with Howard and Kristi Turek (in addition to the flight, they also donated food and a stuffed lamb chop toy :-) and arrived at the Colorado Jet Center in CO Springs around noon. They were greeted by Michael Drennen, who was there picking up his new dog – and Moose’s travel mate – named Sandy. (see photo)

Michael drove Moose to a meeting point in Colorado, where Kelly Layton was waiting (she had flown back to Colorado the day before) and Kelly drove Moose up the mountain to Edwards.

Siri Reynolds was Moose’s Colorado foster and she absolutely Loved him! Siri is the one who met you at the Pet Spot.

Every foster/volunteer/transport along the way raved over what an amazing dog Moose was. They were all committed to keeping him safe, healthy, and loved.

Linda and Rick, we are all SO grateful that Moose has found his forever home with you! What a lucky, lucky boy. Thank you for loving him and caring for him. As you can see, he had a network of loving volunteers behind his rescue effort, and seeing him so happy in his new life is the only affirmation we ever need. When we pull these dogs from their former lives, we make a promise to them to make it better. Knowing you and Rick, and the rich life you are providing Moose, means we delivered on our promise.

I have copied some of ‘Moose’s village’ on this email, and posted all of the contact information below. Any photos you reply will will be treasured.

Here’s to happy endings!

All the best,

Michelle Sanders

Kelly Layton


Ernie Cochran
Pee Wee’s Sanctuary

Kristi & Howard Turek
Pilotsnpaws.org volunteers: Kristi was the coordinator/ Howard was the pilot

George & Linda Turek
Owners of the private jet

Danielle Bone
Overnight Foster – Friday 11/28

Robin Gonzales
Overnight Foster – Saturday 11/29

Michael Drennen
CO Transport

Siri Reynolds
CO Foster

a letter from Mission 4

Hi Howard and Kristi!

It’s me, Maizy (aka Kiley Koo). My mom asked you for your address along time ago (January, I think!!) for your address because I wanted to send you something and well, we could not find the book we got for you so we couldn’t send it. Boy, am I embarrassed!! Well, Mom now found the book so we are sending it out. The book she got when she worked at one of the Scholastic warehouse sales and thought the title was perfect to send to you. She did not know when she purchased it that it was actually about Pilots N Paws. I thought that was pretty neat.

Thank you SO much for helping me get to my furrever home. I really like it here. My mom tells me all the time that I am a princess and beautiful and gives me tons of kisses. I love her so much that I try to never let her out of my sight. It scares me when she is not around and I miss her SO much. I always try to make sure I am touching her somehow too. My favorite is when she is sitting on the couch and I can climb up on the back of the couch and put my paw or my head on her shoulder. It makes me feel safe. She tries her hardest to get pictures of me, but I still do not like the camera. As soon as she lifts her phone or gets the camera, I look away and act shy or I go hide. She had managed to steal a few of me when I am not paying attention or she has learned to put her phone on silent so I don’t hear the click. I wanted to add some to my letter, but I cannot add them in the program I am using, darn! I am doing well otherwise. I have gained 5 pounds. I sent an email to Tammy (my
foster mommy) and she said she didn’t even recognize me. What can I say, I am SPOILED! Someone named Santa and the Easter Bunny even come for me and leave me-vvhat they call presents. I try to play with Jack, the sheltie in the home that looks alot like me, but has a tail, but he doesn’t want to play. Mom said he is being cranky and just misses his buddy, Aladdin. (Aladdin is the one that tried to cross the road in September by himself and didn’t ask for help. It is a sad story!)

Well, I don’t have long because Mom wants to get the package shipped out. I hope you like your gift I got for you. I am very greatful of your generosity of giving me a ride from Texas to Michigan so I could have a wonderful home to call my own. I pray that you continue to help others the way you helped me and Carla ( I think that was her name) that day.

All my Love,
Maizy Jennings